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Tucson Audubon's Statement to the City of Tucson Regarding Loss of Public Space at Reid Park

Dear Mayor and Council Members, Tucsonans have been inspired by the birds at Reid Park and its public duck ponds for generations. The experience of walking the shorelines of the North and South ponds and interacting with the waterfowl is an invaluable opportunity for people to connect with birds. Barnum Hill and its mature trees, where a Cooper’s Hawk or Vermilion Flycatcher may be seen roosting, provides a publicly-accessible, shaded viewing experience that’s unique in the heart of the city. Reid Park is a treasured resource for those who love the outdoors, including the hundreds of birders who flock there annually. More than 5,000 digital bird checklists have been submitted to Cornell University’s community science tool,, from the park. Reducing the public space at Reid Park, including Barnum Hill and the South Pond, sacrifices opportunities for connections between birds and people—a significant loss should plans move forward to annex these spaces for the expansion of the R

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