Wednesday, November 3, 2010

San Rafael Grasslands, Santa Cruz County, Arizona

Tucson Audubon Field Trip Report
By Jim Hays

Today (Nov. 2) eight early-rising Tucson Audubon birders explored the San Rafael Grasslands -- from Bog Hole in the north to Lochiel in the south, then returned via Washington Camp and Harshaw. Avian highlight was at least four Merlins, two very dark (suckleyi?) at Bog Hole and two quite light (richardsonii?) along Rt 58. All of the Merlins were being harassed by the resident American Kestrels.

Most of the expected birds were seen, including seven sparrow species (but not Baird's :-( ), two White-tailed Kites, a large flock of Chestnut-collared Longspurs, and a single Lark Bunting -- a total of 49 species.

Non-avian highlight was the beautiful autumn foliage near Lochiel.

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White-crowned Sparrow by Mark Sharon

Vesper Sparrow by Mark Sharon

Savannah Sparrow by Mark Sharon

Lincoln's Sparrow by Mark Sharon

Grasshopper Sparrow by Mark Sharon

Lark Bunting by Mark Sharon

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