September Volunteer Shout-Out

Looking at the volunteers behind our programs

by Kara Kaczmarzyk
In the last issue of the Vermilion Flycatcher, Olga Harbour’s smiling face graced multiple pages. It’s indicative of her volunteer spirit; she cheerfully helps in so many places! From volunteering at tabling events like Wings Over Willcox, to being a crew member (the mailing crew, that is), to recently working with Sherry Massie to prepare the new Tucson Audubon library, Olga is always eager to assist. Well, unless she’s traveling, and she does this quite a bit with her husband Bob.  The most recent camping trip I can recall was Big Bend, but she loves visiting Colorado too and I’m sure she’s traveled since then. Olga also volunteers at the Desert Museum, in their digital library among other areas. See photo credits in Olga’s name at this link! She is a highly skilled, avid birder who got her start in New Jersey, but is also active on the online birding community, with a presence on and BirdChat. Come to say hi to Olga and her husband Bob at an upcoming Birds and Beer night.  

Judy Calvert, like Olga, has volunteered all over Tucson Audubon. A few years ago, she held a weekly shift in our Nature Shop, but now prefers new faces and new places. Both she gets through the many tabling events that she does through the year. She was the first contact for many incoming Tucson Bird and Wildlife Festival attendees, as she staffed the registration room multiple days. If you’ve visited Wings Over Willcox, the Tucson Festival of Books, or the Santa Cruz Nature and Heritage Festival, she was there too! It’s clear that Judy knows her stuff, and is always connecting with birders about the latest and greatest birding spots. Tucson Audubon Society is only one of her many interests.  She also has a passion for gardening, and has been part of the Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society, The Gardeners of Tucson, and more. I hear she has a stunning personal garden, check out the coverage in the archives of Tucson Citizen at this link. Pick a seat next to Judy at an upcoming Living with Nature lecture.