Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things We Found While Cleaning the Mason Center Basement

--Kendall Kroesen

The Tucson Audubon Mason Center basement organization project will be ongoing, so stand by for more interesting finds. But here's a first taste:

Plastic pith helmet

Toilet seat for a remote pit toilet

Binoculars case once owned by Bob and Peggy Wenrick (thanks for your donation!)

Rejected for lack of compliance with Tucson Audubon's current branding and logo guidelines

Large, useful clip for which I could find no immediate use

A whole bunch of bird boxes that will come in handy this fall as we start our campaign to find out what kind of bird boxes work best in Tucson!

The October-December 2013 Vermilion Flycatcher magazine will be about threats to birds. This is what happens if you don't pay attention to threats to birds!

Erin showing off a box of instruction manuals for equipment we no longer have.

Jean with membership and financial records for the last five years--we have to keep these!

Ancient records from defunct habitat restoration projects. It's like King Tut's tomb down there.

We made progress on the dark and mysterious east end of the basement. At least you can walk through there now.

Basement detritus. Let us know if you see anything you need.

More detritus. TV? Office chair?

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