Monday, September 30, 2013

Volunteer Shout-Out to Libraries and Librarians!

Our volunteer shout-out features a guest post by Sherry Massie, library captain and all around volunteer extraordinaire! She talks about the Tucson Audubon library collection, the amazing volunteers who made this library possible, and why she likes volunteering for Tucson Audubon. 

The library is an important membership benefit.  Not everything worth knowing is on the Internet!  The library’s collection of reference works can provide in-depth knowledge on ornithology and related subjects.  We also have popular birding guidebooks and field guides about many other parts of the world (as well as the U.S.), so if a member is taking a once-in-a-lifetime birding trip, they do not have to buy the birding guide they need – they can borrow it!

Sherry Massie has been a Tucson Audubon member for nearly a decade and volunteers for outreach and festivals, the Tucson Audubon gala, in addition to the library position. Sherry previously worked as the Librarian and Archivist for the Department of Defense. 

Volunteering for Tucson Audubon Society gives me the feeling that even in the small part I play, it helps promote Tucson Audubon Society’s mission of conservation, education, restoration and advocacy not only our birds, but for our fragile and continually threatened environment.  I support TAS in their strong stands taken on local environmental issues and because I know TAS’s professional staff have researched the issues backward and forward!  Plus volunteering at TAS is just plain fun with the pleasant atmosphere and the superb staff and volunteers!

Our library team last year (Hal Myers, Olga Harbour,  and Carol Eagle) worked hard to get the books processed and on the shelves in Library of Congress Classification Order after the catalog came online.  This year, another librarian, Leslie Matthaei, has been working to catalog the remaining reference works and items that are kindly donated from the membership.  It’s been a great team effort!

Read all about Olga Harbour (left) in her volunteer shout-out from a 2012 blog post.Carol Eagle (right) has been an indispensable part of the Tucson Audubon team for decades, as a volunteer in so many areas, donor, member, and even as membership coordinator. 
Leslie Matthei is an archivist for the National Parks Service. When not traveling around the country for work, or volunteering in the library, she also gets out in the field for Tucson Audubon restoration volunteer days. 
Since at least the mid 1980s, Hal Myers has loyally supported Tucson Audubon. He has remained closely tied to the development and upgrades to the library over the years.

The Tucson Audubon library features over 1,200 titles, all searchable through the online library catalog. Tucson Audubon members can check out books for up to three weeks (extensions are available too). The library is open from 10am-4pm Mondays through Saturdays. View more information on the library, including full check-out procedure and how to donate books to the collection, at

For more information about volunteering with Tucson Audubon, and for current volunteer opportunities, please visit or contact Kara at 520-209-1811 or

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