Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tucson Bird & Wildlife Festival: Your Fantastic Field Trip Leaders!

-- Erin Olmstead, Festival Coordinator

The third annual Tucson Bird & Wildlife Festival was a success thanks to the dedication of many in the birding and conservation community, locally and beyond. This one goes out to our outstanding crew of friendly and professional field trip leaders!

We are so grateful to these amazing ladies and gentlemen who so generously and enthusiastically lent their time and expertise to help people connect with birds, nature, and kindred spirits...

Brian Gibbons navigates the by birds on Mt. Lemmon
Matt Brooks shares a Regal Ringneck Snake found at Las Cienegas
Vince Pinto points out a barrel cactus near Patagonia Lake
Mike Sadatmousavi and Drew Lanham introduce beginners to Sweetwater Wetlands
Back at the Riverpark, Richard Fray and Chris Benesh review the day's results

There is something so meaningful (and fun!) about going out in the field with someone who exudes knowledge, loves nature, appreciates the thrill of discovery, and really understands what makes a place special...

To Jeff Babson, Chris Benesh, Andy Bennett, Matt Brooks, Jennie Duberstein, Richard Fray, Brian Gibbons, Paul Green, Matt Griffiths, Homer Hansen, Lynn Hassler, Steve Howell, Rich Hoyer, Drew Lanham, Jennie MacFarland, Jake Mohlmann, Michael O'Brien, Scott Olmstead, Sara Pike, Vince Pinto, Mike Sadatmousavi, Ronnie Sidner, Heather Swanson, Bonnie Swarbrick, Rick Taylor, Deb Vath, Sheri Williamson, John Yerger, and Louise Zemaitis:

Thank you for that 'special something'. Because of you, there were so many smiles, laughs, high-fives, lifers, and "Aha!" moments at the festival this year. We can't wait to do it all over again. 

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