Oracle State Park Bird Walk

Fourteen participants signed up for our Tucson Audubon field trip in Oracle State Park this morning (June15), enjoying beautiful weather and beautiful birds.  This was a special opportunity, since this is the first time in five years of budgetary cutbacks the park has been open between May 1 and October 1.  Even on a mid-June morning, the park was comfortable at 4,300 feet.  Highlights included an inquisitive Bushtit that came almost close enough to touch, a half-dozen Western Scrub-Jays, a pair of Bewick's Wrens warning us to stay away from their nest, Lucy's Warblers, 3 Hooded Orioles and 3 Scott's Orioles, including a newly-fledged Hooded male and both male and female immature Scott's.  22 species in all, as listed in the checklist below.

Our thanks to Tucson Audubon and Oracle State Park for helping us put together a jointly-sponsored field trip, and to Jennifer Rinio, the park ranger at Oracle State Park, for providing us access to the park an hour before it normally opens.

Two more trips to Oracle State Park are currently scheduled, one for June 22 and another on August 10.  Others may be scheduled later, but if you are interested in either of these, click on the following link to Tucson Audubon's field trips and scroll down to the trip you want and follow the procedure to register.  Online registration is required to join these trips and they each are limited to 14 participants.

Hope to see you soon!

Bob and Prudy Bowers

Some of the birds we saw today (note the photos were taken elsewhere):

Ash-throated Flycatcher   

Our favorite sparrow, the Black-throated   

Male Scott's Oriole   

Singing Lucy's Warbler   

Gambel's Quail  2
Turkey Vulture  3
Red-tailed Hawk  1
White-winged Dove  2
Mourning Dove  3
Anna's Hummingbird  4
Gila Woodpecker  1
Say's Phoebe  1
Ash-throated Flycatcher  4
Western Scrub-Jay  6
Common Raven  1
Verdin  4
Bushtit  2
Bewick's Wren  4
Northern Mockingbird  1
Phainopepla  12
Lucy's Warbler  4
Canyon Towhee  2
Black-throated Sparrow  3
Northern Cardinal  3
Hooded Oriole  3
Scott's Oriole  3

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