Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Success! (and a giant cardboard check)

Erin Olmstead

I'm thrilled to report that TAS has been selected to receive a grant from Cox Charities for our "Connecting Kids to Nature" Green Schools program! This project, which brings the outdoors into the classroom by bringing functional wildlife habitat into the schoolyard, helps teachers engage students in learning about their Sonoran desert surroundings and instill environmental literacy in Tucson's youth (a.k.a. tomorrow's decision-makers.)

Cue happy dance!

To help celebrate Cox Charities' 2010 grants, Tucson Audubon was invited to a recent Arizona Diamondbacks game, so Vice President Mich Coker and I Prius-ed up to Phoenix for an exciting daytrip last month. Upon arrival, were herded down onto the field where we posed for photo ops. Here's me with the giant cardboard check:

and here we are on the jumbo-tron before the game! Notice we are not touching the grass (a big no-no).

Afterward, we headed back up to a party suite where we enjoyed the game and mingled with the other grantees over hot-dogs. It was a great opportunity to network with other youth education organizations. An awesome day (even though the D-backs lost.)

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