August Hummingbird Migration Mornings at WOW Arizona!

If you haven't heard about Christopher Vincent and MaryEllen Landen's amazing "bird shangri-la" in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains, now is your chance to experience it first-hand! They are hosting Hummingbird Mornings in August, complete with amazing food.

Sorry, you can't sample the food right now, but you can check out some of the commonly-occurring hummingbird action in this video:

August Hummingbirds from Christopher James Vincent on Vimeo.

Just so you know, Christopher and MaryEllen also host twice monthly birding field trips for Tucson Audubon. Their next outing in scheduled for Sunday, July 19.

From the WOW Arizona web site:

Share a delicious breakfast on their "hummingbird patios" surrounded by 25 feeders within arm's reach! 

Full menu: Fruit Juice, Tea, Coffee, (regular & decaffeinated), water and our own version of mimosas, ‘Razmosas & Strawmosas’, a delicious Sunrise Wine/Juice Spritzer created from our own handcrafted artisan Dr. Decadence Pure Fruit Wines. Homemade muffins are baked each morning to enjoy with your beverage of choice. A variety fruit plate (in season) is offered, along with the main entrees of Southwestern Scrambled Eggs with Green Chiles, Oven-roasted Seasoned Crispy Red Potatoes, and Oven-roasted Bacon.

Dates and Prices
We ask a minimum $25 dollar tax-deductible donation. To compliment the Tucson Audubon Bird & Wildlife Festival, we will be offering a gathering each morning August 12-16. August 7&8, and 21&22 are also offered. Group sizes can vary, with a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve per visit.

Go see the hummingbird spectacle! Please go to for details on how to sign up.